Baker Mayfield's first NFL start came inside Oakland's notor

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Baker Mayfield's first NFL start came inside Oakland's notor

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2 will be against some nasty black birds.It can only get easier after this.The top overall pick in this year's draft Authentic Cole Beasley Jersey , Mayfield faces a major challenge in his first career home start on Sunday as the Browns host the Ravens. Baltimore's ravenous, second-ranked defense has not given up a touchdown in the second half this season and made Steelers star QB Ben Roethlisberger look lost last week.Now they get a rookie to feast upon.Mayfield knows what awaits him."Baltimore has obviously been historically a great defensive franchise," he said. "They trust what they are good at, and they are going to run it. They are playing well right now. I expect them to continue to do what they are good at and also throw a couple of wrinkles in there for me."For the most part, Mayfield handled everything the Raiders threw his way a week ago in his first career start, a 45-42 loss in overtime. Showing some of the same poise and playmaking ability that made him a college star, Mayfield passed for 295 yards and two touchdowns. However, he committed four turnovers and the Browns (1-2-1) blew a 14-point lead in the second half and dropped to 2-33-1 in coach Hue Jackson's tenure.Still, Mayfield, who came off the bench on Sept. 20 against the Jets and led the Browns to their first win since 2016, handled the adversity like a seasoned pro and converted a few more doubters into believers.The Browns may have finally found their leader."I think Baker Mayfield is this generation's Brett Favre or John Elway, if you will," Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale said. "This guy knows where he wants to go with the ball, and he's very accurate, has a quick release. He's really playing well. Obviously, he's playing well because they scored 42 points last week against Oakland, and they are the Top 5 of scoring offense. So, I think he's done a nice job filling in, and it seems like they have more rhythm with him as a rookie, every play he's in there."Mayfield's about to face a defense like he's never seen. Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley knows the Ravens well. After spending six seasons with Pittsburgh going up against Baltimore's tenacious defense twice a season, Haley smiled when told about Martindale's praise of his young QB."He's carving a (Pro Football Hall of Fame) bust?" Haley said. "I will hold my stance. I am excited about a lot of the things that he is doing. This week will be a real test. We will know a lot more come Sunday evening."INSIDE INFOLooking to get an advantage on Mayfield, the Ravens watched tapes of his games at Oklahoma and grilled tight end Mark Andrews and tackle Orlando Brown Jr., who were teammates with the Heisman Trophy winner."There's really not that much that those guys can tell you," coach John Harbaugh said. "You kind of talk about it, but I can't really say we've gotten any great information that way, to be honest with you. Honestly, I thought we'd get more."Asked if he watched HBO's "Hard Knocks" to learn more about the Browns, Harbaugh shook his head. Mayfield was prominently featured on the documentary series this summer."I never watch 'Hard Knocks.' Nope. Not a fan, not interested," he said, perhaps sending a message he doesn't want to be considered for the series in the future. "Couldn't care less about 'Hard Knocks,' just for the record."ROLLLING ROOKIEThe Browns aren't giving rookie Nick Chubb nearly enough touches. They know it."He has to get some," Jackson said after Chubb rushed for 105 yards on just three carries, and scored on two long runs last week. The Browns intend to increase his workload this week, mixing Chubb in with Carlos Hyde, who has scored five touchdowns but isn't a breakaway threat.Chubb has made the most of his 10 carries, rushing for 146 yards. According to Elias Authentic Terrance Williams Jersey , Chubb is the first back in league history to rush for 100 yards and score two TDs on three runs.SUPER JOEIf Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco's first four games are any indication, he's going to have a fabulous season. He's thrown for 1,252 yards, eight touchdowns and just two interceptions and has quickly developed chemistry with new receivers Willie Snead, Michael Crabtree and Jon Brown.Still, with 12 games left, Flacco and Harbaugh are not looking too far ahead."Through four games, it's a quarter of the season. You could say we're on schedule, but we're never satisfied," Harbaugh said. "We have a lot of work to do."Flacco agrees."We're only four games in," he noted. "Obviously, we like some of the stuff we're doing. We can get better at a lot of stuff, like always."TOUGH ASSIGNMENTFor Browns rookie left tackle Desmond Harrison, Sunday's matchup with Pro Bowler Terrell Suggs will be a measuring stick. Hopefully, Suggs doesn't use it on him.Harrison has sought advice from retired Browns star Joe Thomas, who had epic battles with Suggs over the years. The undrafted free agent insists he's not nervous about trying to block one of the league's best defenders."I'm just going to play my game, how I play every weekend, not going to try to do anything different, just stick to the script," he said.Dak Prescott’s failures are a symptom of an overall failing offense The Cowboys colossal failure in Seattle this past week didn’t help quarterback Dak Prescott. For the fifth game in a row, and ninth in his last eleven games, Prescott failed to reach 200 passing yards, a universally doable task for all NFL quarterbacks these days. The loss that dropped the team to 1-2 also did no favors for a coaching staff that has come under fire. While both the quarterback and coaching have been critiqued and blamed, it’s only part of the problem. It’s peculiar that more people aren’t talking about how wildly inconsistent the rest of the offense has been in the past three weeks but now is a good time for a reminder.Suspect Protection There is no denying that Prescott has been at fault for a few of the hits he’s taken, he even admitted that much after the Seattle game. There was a popular stat being used to discredit theories about poor line play on Monday. It was determined that the Cowboys quarterback has the third-highest amount of time to throw at 2.99 seconds. Though that may be true, there was also a noticeable coincidence with that stat and another too:QuarterbackThrow Time (Rank)Sacks (Rank)Five of the Top-10 quarterbacks with the most time to throw are also in the Top-10 of most sacked quarterbacks on the season. Of those five, Deshaun Watson and Tyrod Taylor are the only two with clear WR1’s in reputation and stats. No other quarterback even has a receiver in the Top-30. Last week’s opposing QB Russell Wilson, the most-sacked QB in the league, ranks 13th with 2.78 seconds to throw. Wilson’s tight ends had to chip DeMarcus Lawrence all game long to avoid another six-sack nightmare. Dak is on pace to get sacked 59 times, which would tie Tony Eason at ninth all-time for single season sacks taken. Sacks are one measurement but don’t forget QB hits. Prescott took 81 last season, he’s already been hit 22 times in three games. Without question, his timing, ball-placement, pocket awareness, and mechanics have all been wildly inconsistent but we can’t say protection hasn’t been a problem. Are we possibly guilty of downplaying the absence of Travis Frederick, who may be the best center in football? It’s not a slight to Joe Looney, who hasn’t been a liability but he’s nowhere near the level of the All-Pro he’s subbing for. Connor Williams has been beat badly at times but he is a rookie learning on the job. The real problem with this line right now is that they are far more comfortable with run-blocking than they are in pass protection. Ezekiel Elliott had costly mistakes in Seattle but he ran for 127 yards and almost eight yards per carry. The team basically could run the ball at will but it didn’t matter and that’s troubling when it’s the formula for the offense. They couldn’t protect the quarterback against a Seahawks pass rush that ranked 29th in sacks before the game.Tyron Smith just had an uncharacteristically bad performance with Frank Clark on Sunday. La’el Collins has struggled in his second season at right tackle as well. In three games Womens Allen Hurns Jersey , Smith and Collins have combined for seven penalties that have hurt potential drives. You can live with mistakes made by Looney or Williams. However, this team has to hang their hats on this offensive line and especially Tyron, Collins, and Zack Martin. Right now, this unit is struggling on an offense that is dependent upon them for success.When the offense surrendered six sacks one week, zero the next, then five against a defense that could manage only three in two previous games, you got problems. That’s instability by definition and plays its role in erratic play from the quarterback. What’s the plan at receiver because no plan isn’t workingThe Cowboys made a lot of big-time decisions in the offseason to put pass catchers around Dak Prescott that would fit his “spread the ball” style. They took hard stances due to last year’s receivers not getting separation or yards after catch. So far, it looks as though every concern about an offense without any outside threats has come true.Dak’s ball placement is one thing but even when he throws a nice ball, it’s getting dropped, tipped, flipped, and intercepted if Earl Thomas is near. As sure as it is that Dak is missing open targets, his guys aren’t doing him any favors. According to Next Gen Stats, 2.77 yards of separation is average for NFL receivers and tight ends are almost always well over that mark. The Cowboys only had four pass catchers even qualify to be charted with targets being so low:PlayerAvg CushAvg SepTarg Air YdsTargRec/TDCatch %YAC/RecEYACEYAC +/-So, separation and cushion are related which is why tight ends usually have higher numbers in both. Geoff Swaim is getting four yards of separation because often the closest defender is five yards away. Also, receivers can have below the 2.77 average and still be very successful but those that do usually have good yards after catch numbers. That’s what’s so concerning about the Cowboys. All four qualifiers were below their expected YAC when the ball was thrown. Now, here’s the separation stats for the Cowboys in each game:NFL Sep. Avg (2.77)SeahawksGiantsPanthersFirst, look how much separation the Cowboys were getting in the Seahawks game in contrast to week’s one and two. The reason those separation numbers are so high is because the Seahawks weren’t concerned with them, they were too busy harassing Prescott. Also, look at how bad things have been for Michael Gallup, he’s had drops but also caused one of Dak’s two interceptions on the day. As down as these charts might be on these receivers, they are related to the suspect protection, playcalling, and quarterback play over these three games. Also, where’s Tavon Austin? He’s done more with two receptions than anyone else has with four times the amount. Blake Jarwin has played a higher percentage of the offensive snaps and doesn’t have a single catch. More than anything these charts tell you that the Cowboys just don’t have much of a plan with these guys. Cole Beasley and Geoff Swaim are the pass catchers with the highest snap percentages. The Cowboys have made Allen Hurns an exclusive slant route runner, he’s not offering much after the catch. Gallup may be making mistakes but he and Tavon are your two most explosive receivers playing a combined average of 36% of the snaps. The only way for the rookie to improve is to give him more opportunities. There is no respect from opponents to these receivers because they know:A.) They will rarely have the QB throw 20+ yards off the line of scrimmage B.) Even if they do throw 20+ yards off the line, they are 1-4 on those throwsC.) Of the two threats that can beat us in Elliott or Tavon, one will rarely see the field D.) Corners can sit in their zones on these receivers, we can send the hounds at the QBThe passing game is broken therefore the offense is broken too. They can be a run-first team but these struggles they have had make them a run-only team. When their best players have games like they just did, there is no chance for success at all. These coaches can be creative but they can’t commit to staying there. The players can execute the plays but they have a tendency to self-sabotage. It’s on the coaches to get their players prepared to play, it’s on the players to execute the gameplan. Right now, the gameplan has been completely pedestrian and the players have been atrocious at carrying it out. It’s clear that this offense is like any failing relationship, it can’t succeed without trust and commitment. Those are two things that everyone involved seems to be really short on at the moment.

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