Aguero's warning: Don't write Barcelona off in the Champions

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Aguero's warning: Don't write Barcelona off in the Champions

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Aguero's warning: Don't write Barcelona off in the Champions League[/b]
Sergio Aguero doesn't think that Barcelona should be written off this season, not even in the Champions League.
The Catalans are a long way from their recent best this season and many are expecting them to have a tough campaign with more lows than highs, but Aguero isn't so sure.
"Barcelona are Barcelona, so we have to fight for every title," Aguero told RAC1.
"We're not favourites in the Champions League, but our opponents will have respect for us.
"Whenever I've faced Barcelona, even at their worst, we've always said that 'it's Barcelona'.
"Maybe people don't expect much from us in the Champions League, but be careful..."
There has been a lot of speculation that Lionel Messi's exit would lead to Aguero following his compatriot out of the club, but the forward dismissed them out of hand.
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Hình ảnh
"I didn't understand why that was said," Aguero said.
"Messi hadn't signed when I signed. An invented clause was spoken about, but there was nothing. Then I got injured."
It had been predicted that the Argentine would be out of action until November, but he is recovering ahead of schedule.
"I'm progressing well and next week I think I'll work a bit on the pitch," Aguero said.
"There's no timeframe for when I'll return, but I'm progressing well and it will be shorter than predicted.
"The last MRI looked good, but it's best to see how things progress in the coming weeks."
Ronald Koeman has come in for criticism of late, particularly after an exclusive MARCA interview with Miralem Pjanic, but the forward defended the coach.
"He's very good," Aguero said.
"You can tell he's a very direct guy and that's a relief for players."
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