New World aims to improve the gameplay

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New World aims to improve the gameplay

Gửi bàigửi bởi Jannick » Thứ 2 10/01/22 16:54

Amazon plans to enhance the destruction experience in its new fantasy MMO world with a new feature called Expedition Mutator that will change the complexity and difficulty of combat encounters and offer players better rewards, including "new, customized equipment and resources" to challenge.

In a blog post, Amazon stated that "Mutants are changing the familiar by adding 'normal' and 'named' enemies that appear in the adventure, changing the way encounters are conducted and the strategies players propose the struggle should consider things. "

"The system is designed in such a way that unique expedition and variant combinations rotate once a week, with each expedition variant having 10 levels of difficulty. The players are challenged to climb the ladder with the aim of ultimately reaching the maximum level of difficulty".

The expedition rating is based on a combination of factors including total time, enemy kills, player respawns, team wipes, and various performance-based bonus multipliers. If you do well enough on one expedition variant, you will advance to the next difficulty level and receive bigger and better rewards. But it won't be easy: Amazon warns that the recommended gear level for Mutation Expeditions is important "because it directly affects the size of the enemy," and higher levels of difficulty are likely to be extremely difficult.

The Expedition Mutator is now available in the New World Public Test Area, which went live yesterday. To make testing easier and to ensure players have access to a range of mutations across multiple handicap expeditions, the mutator rotation will accelerate during the test. One of the three expeditions - Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis or Lazarus Apparatus - will mutate every 48 hours. All players on the test server will receive 600 equipment at the beginning as well as "lots of keys to start the expedition". A test of the maximum equipment (625 equipment) will be available to all PTR players during the final week so that all players can properly perform the mutation at level 10.

To accommodate the Mutator changes, the expedition has been adjusted to be more in line with other stump events: the drop rate for named enemies has been "significantly increased", T5 gear has been added to the loot table in the Dynasty Shipyards, and the number of seals in the Lazarus instrumentality expedition has been reduced. The number of enemies players encounter when sealing the ancient portal of Azoth in Ostium has been reduced.

Since launching last year, New World has had a lot of bugs and exploits, but leftover content is also a problem. "We have to get the players better to deal with all our stump events," said Game Director Scot Lane in an interview with PCGamesN in December 2021. "At the moment they are only being led to a small part of our residual limb mechanics, which they rightly ask for more."

The PTR also includes a new resource called Umbral Shards, which allows players to upgrade New World items with gear values ​​ranging from 600 to 625, which Amazon says is "essential if you want to venture into higher difficulty adventures or gain a competitive advantage in PvP. "The competence limit has also been increased to 625. Shadow Shards can be obtained in three ways.

Complete a mutant expedition.
Crafting an item with an Equipment Rating of 600 if your Expertise on the item is also 600.
Open a plaster model when you have 600 expertise on the item.
The PTR also increases the cost of summoning beasts, makes some combat-related adjustments, and reduces the cost of fast travel.

All New World players are eligible to join the PTR, but you will need to download and install the separate PTR client and create a new character - real-life characters are not compatible with the test realm. For full details of what to expect and how to register, read guides at

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