Milwaukee Bucks guard

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Milwaukee Bucks guard

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The dog masks aren’t going anywhere.

The Philadelphia Eagles (14-3) are home underdogs again. Case Keenum and the Minnesota Vikings (14-3) opened the week as 3+-point favorites in the NFC championship game on Sunday.

That’s just fine with the Eagles Shaquem Griffin Jersey , who embraced their underdog role against sixth-seed Atlanta. Philadelphia was the first No. 1 seed in league history not favored to win its first playoff game.

After beating the Falcons 15-10, Pro Bowl right tackle Lane Johnson and veteran defensive end Chris Long mocked doubters by wearing German Shepherd dog masks as they walked off the field.

The dog masks have become a popular item in Philly since the players wore them Saturday night. The team announced fans can wear them on Sunday as long as they take them off during security check entering the stadium.

”To have a lot of people not having a lot of confidence in us and yet to find ways to win just makes it that much more special for this group,” coach Doug Pederson said Monday.

Expectations for the Eagles have dropped since Carson Wentz tore his ACL in Week 14. Nick Foles is 3-1 in his place with the only loss coming in Week 17 when the starters only played one quarter.

But the offense clearly isn’t the same without Wentz, who is an MVP candidate after tossing 33 touchdown passes in 13 games.

”Since that point, no one has given us a chance Cheap Donte Jackson Jersey ,” Pederson said. ”Nobody has given us a chance. And I understand, Carson’s a great player, but every week, our guys are hearing the same thing; that now we are all of a sudden not good enough. We’re 13-3 and have the best record in football, we’ve got home-field advantage throughout.

”The guys are going to motivate themselves just based on what they have done and heard for the last month of football.

”Listen Cheap Austin Corbett Jersey , it really doesn’t matter what you guys talk about because that locker room in there is united and I’ll go to bat for every one of those guys and I’ll go to war with every one of those guys in that dressing room.”

The Eagles were on the opposite side the previous time they played for a trip to the Super Bowl nine years ago. They were 4-point road favorites in the conference championship game at Arizona, but Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald led the Cardinals to a 32-25 comeback win.

Since 2000, the home team has been an underdog four times in the NFC title game. The underdog Giants beat the Vikings in January 2000 and the Cardinals beat the Eagles in January 2009. The Bears lost to the Packers in Chicago in January 2010 and the Falcons lost to the 49ers in Atlanta in January 2012.

”I’m glad they’re not in charge of my finances,” tight end Zach Ertz said of prognosticators. ”It feels like all of those guys that pick the games are typically wrong. Same with the guys that usually do the draft stuff, the mock draft Cheap Nick Chubb Jersey , kind of the same thing. All these guys that think they know everything typically don’t.”

The Eagles are using critics for extra motivation as they pursue the franchise’s first Super Bowl title and first NFL championship since 1960.

”Just keep on disrespecting and we’re going to keep proving people wrong,” receiver Alshon Jeffery said. ”We just believe in one another, we don’t care what anybody else says. We’re just going to keep believing in one another and just keep fighting.”

AP NFL website: The Latest on a lawsuit filed against Milwaukee and the city’s police department by NBA player Sterling Brown alleging excessive force (all times local):

1:25 p.m.

Milwaukee’s mayor says he hopes the relationship between police and residents can improve in the wake of an excessive force lawsuit filed by Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown.

Mayor Tom Barrett released a statement Tuesday saying he’s hopeful that the NBA player’s arrest over a parking violation and the subsequent lawsuit ”will be a turning point.”

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in federal court . It accuses Milwaukee police officers of discriminating against Brown because he’s black.

Officers detained Brown at about 2 a.m. on Jan. 26 because he was double-parked in a handicap spot outside a Walgreens.

Officers swarmed Brown and used a stun gun after taking him down because he didn’t immediately remove his hands from his pockets as ordered. Brown wasn’t charged.

12:30 p.m.

Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown is accusing Milwaukee police officers of discriminating against him because he is black when they used a stun gun during his arrest for a parking violation.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court says officers could have simply issued a citation instead of ”unlawfully discriminating against Mr. Brown on the basis of his race.”

Officers detained Brown at about 2 a.m. on Jan. 26 because he was double-parked in a handicap spot outside a Walgreens. Officers swarmed Brown and took him down because he didn’t immediately remove his hands from his pockets as ordered.

The lawsuit accuses police of unlawful arrest and using excessive force. Brown has not been charged.

11:15 a.m.

The attorney for Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown says police officers violated his client’s constitutional rights when they ”set up, circled and then attacked” him outside a Walgreens store in January.

Attorney Mark Thomsen spoke at a news conference Tuesday morning outside City Hall, shortly after filing a federal lawsuit against the city of Milwaukee and its police department. Thomsen urged city leaders to acknowledge that Brown’s constitutional rights were violated and approve their claim.

Brown was accused of a parking violation outside the drug store. Police videos show Brown remained calm and did not resist Joe Mixon Youth Jersey , yet the situation escalated, officers surrounded him and one used a stun gun on him. Thomsen says the city’s policies don’t prevent such conduct by police who arrested Brown that day.

Brown was not charged following his arrest. The police chief has apologized for his officers’ actions.

10:55 a.m.

A federal lawsuit against Milwaukee police alleges officers tried to reframe what happened when they used a stun gun during the arrest of Bucks’ player Sterling Brown after a parking violation in January.

The lawsuit Brown filed Tuesday says a group of officers instructed a colleague writing an incident report to describe the basketball player as resisting and obstructing them. Videos released by police and obtained by WISN-TV show Brown never threatened the officers and appeared calm while he waited for a parking citation.

One officer involved in the arrest later sent a tweet mocking Brown, saying, ”Nice meeting Sterling Brown of the Milwaukee Bucks at work this morning!”

Brown wasn’t charged with anything.

The lawsuit naming the city, police chief Billy Price Bengals Jersey , and eight officers alleges excessive force and unlawful arrest.

10:12 a.m.

Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown is suing the city and its police department because officers used a stun gun on him during his arrest for a parking violation in January.

Brown’s attorney Mark Thomsen filed the lawsuit in federal court Tuesday alleging excessive force and unlawful arrest.

Brown had been talking with officers while waiting for a citation for illegally parking in a disabled spot outside a Walgreens. Officers swarmed Brown and took him down because he didn’t immediately remove his hands from his pockets as ordered.

Police Chief Alfonso Morales apologized to Brown last month when body-camera video of the arrest was released. Brown wasn’t charged and three officers were disciplined, with suspensions ranging from two to 15 days.

Eight other officers are undergoing remedial training in professional communications.


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Re: Milwaukee Bucks guard

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