you are protesting

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you are protesting

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Even Julio Jones was caught off guard when someone mentioned all the various body parts he’s had to nurse back to health this season.

Ribs. Thumb. Knee. Hip. Back. Ankle.

The ankle twice Carlton Davis Youth Jersey , in fact.

”Whew! All that?” he asked, sounding a bit incredulous.

Then, with a slight smile and shaking his head, Jones added, ”Long season, man. Long season.”

He’s got a routine to cope with all the aches and pains.

During the week, Jones is often limited in practice or doesn’t even take the field. But by the time the game rolls around, he’s always ready to go.

”He has a real process to do that,” coach Dan Quinn said. ”We’re fortunate that he’s played with injuries and kind of knows the routine of how to do it.”

That will be the case again for Saturday’s NFC divisional playoff game against the top-seeded Philadelphia Eagles .

After sitting out two days of practice with a sore ankle and going through a limited routine Thursday at the final full workout before the game, the star receiver will be in the starting lineup for the 18th consecutive time this season.

”The thing with being injured, it’s really just blocking it out,” Jones said. ”Don’t use it as an excuse.”

Quinn noted that the Falcons usually have an extensive walk-through before each practice, and that’s a session that Jones rarely misses no matter how much he’s hurting. He uses the time to get familiar with the game plan, run some routes and hone his timing with quarterback Matt Ryan.

If Jones is limited during the actual practice, he focuses on plays in which he’ll likely be the primary receiver.

”We try to feature him on plays that are unique for him and Matt to be at full speed,” Quinn said. ”When he goes, it’s these full-speed Dallas Goedert Eagles Jersey , aggressive routes. So that helps him as far as the timing goes.”

Jones has been on the injury report eight of the last 10 weeks, along with two other weeks early in the season.

None of the injuries were serious enough to keep him from playing, but they did require plenty of tender loving care to make sure there were no setbacks. That’s why, over the course of the last four months, the injury report has listed him as limited or out of practice more times than he’s fully participated.

Game day is a different story.

”If you say you’re gonna go, go. Don’t bring it up in the middle of the game,” he said. ”We know it hurts. Don’t let your mind be negative. Just stay positive. If something’s hurting or anything like that, I never relay it back to (the sideline). I know it hurts. You don’t want to talk about it and bring that stuff up during the game. If I suit up, I’m going. I’m not saying anything about it.”

A turning point in Jones’ pain threshold came during his sophomore season at Alabama. He broke his left hand in a game, had surgery the next day and was cleared to play the following week.

He wasn’t at his best.

”I was a little timid to catch just because of the pain,” Jones recalled. ”It was messing with me mentally.”

Since then, he’s learned to block out his various injuries.

”It’s gonna hurt,” Jones said. ”But I’m out here. I made the decision to be out here. I don’t care about it hurting.”

Jones’ production dipped this season, part of a wider drop-off under first-year offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, and there have been a few more drops than previous seasons – most notably, what should have been an easy 39-yard touchdown catch in a November loss at Carolina .

But, overall Cheap DJ Chark Jersey , it’s been another huge season for Jones. He had 88 catches for 1,444 yards – an average of 90.3 per game – and earned second-team honors on The Associated Press All-Pro team.

He’s usually even better in the playoffs.

Last week, he had nine catches for 94 yards and a touchdown with just under 6 minutes remaining that finished off a 26-13 upset of the Los Angeles Rams in the wild-card round.

”It’s win or go home,” Jones said. ”I’m not a numbers guy. Whatever it takes to get the win.”

Jones also got to do a bit of gloating this week after his alma mater won another national championship with a 26-23 overtime victory over Georgia.

Not that he had any doubt about the outcome. Jones didn’t attend the game, even though it was held at the Falcons’ home stadium, and insisted that he went to bed before halftime.

”I was out,” he said. ”I didn’t learn (the score) until the next morning. I was like, `Oh, that was a good game.”’

Someone noticed he wasn’t wearing any Alabama gear.

No need to rub it in, he quipped.

”When you’re accustomed to things,” Jones said, trying to hold back a smile, ”you don’t brag.”

>(PHILADELPHIA) — Three star Philadelphia Eagles players have preemptively declined the inevitable post-Super Bowl invitation to the White House.The formal invitation has yet to be extended, but three people who won’t be responding favorably are Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long and Torrey Smith.Long and Smith made that clear before the first Super Bowl play unfolded, and Jenkins detailed his decision during a post-game interview Monday morning.Chris LongThis won’t be the first time the defensive end will have skipped a trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long takes part in a media availability for the NFL Super Bowl 52 football game Thursday, Feb. 1 Leighton Vander Esch Jersey , 2018, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)Long played for the Patriots last year when they were invited to the White House to celebrate their 2017 win, and he opted out.He’s continuing his now-annual tradition. During an interview on Barstool Sports’ podcast “Pardon My Take,” which was published Sunday but recorded in advance of game day, Long said, “No, I’m not going to the White House.”He added, “Are you kidding me?”Long has been praised for his off-field activism in the past.He gave the paychecks from his first six games of the season to cover scholarships for students in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, in the wake of the violent protests that broke out in the town in August.The move earned the praise of former President Barack Obama, who highlighted Long’s donation as part of a series of stories of good that he shared at the end of 2017.Torrey SmithDuring a news conference at Minneapolis’ Mall of America on the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, Smith said he would turn down any White House invitation if they won.“We read the news just like everyone else,” Smith said, according to NJ Advance Media.“You see Donald Trump tweet something … We have those conversations in the locker room, just like everyone else does in the workplace. We’re very informed about what goes on, and we’re trying to continue to educate ourselves. It’s pretty special to have a group like that, of folks that aren’t just socially conscious James Daniels Bears Jersey , but folks who genuinely care about people and care about learning more,” the wide receiver said.Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith takes part in a media availability for the NFL Super Bowl 52 football game Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)“I’m not saying we’re right about everything, but we’re willing to figure out what is right. We’re willing to work with people to find the best way to move forward, because there are problems, and we’re not shy about speaking up about them,” he added.Smith responded Monday to comments about why he won’t go to any White House celebration. One user asked Smith why he wouldn’t go, and Smith responded: “It goes beyond politics. … I don鈥檛 think he is a good person.”Another user defended Trump by writing, “the man you are protesting has brought black unemployment to its lowest levels ever recorded, while soldiers stand post thousands of miles away from their families so that you can get paid a lofty salary to catch a football.”To that, Smith responded: “HE DIDN鈥橳 DO ANYTHING! Stop giving credit when it鈥檚 not true. That trend started under Obama and continued to drop. Our soldiers have nothing to do with my feelings towards the president. I show every soldier I meet love. Real heroes!”Malcolm JenkinsJenkins told CNN Monday morning, “I personally do not anticipate attending” if asked to the White House.Jenkins, a 30-year-old safety, was then asked whether he had a message for President Donald Trump.“I don’t have a message for the president. My message has been clear all year. I’m about creating positive change in the communities that I come from, whether it be Philadelphia Cheap Taven Bryan Jersey , New Jersey, Ohio, Louisiana or this entire country. I want to see changes in our criminal justice system. I want to see us push for economical and educational advancement in communities of color and low-income communities and I want to see our relationships between our communities and our law enforcement be advanced and that’s what myself and my peers have been pushing for the last two years and that鈥檚 what I’ll continue to do,” the New Jersey native, who played at Ohio State before being drafted by the New Orleans Saints, said.Jenkins is a co-founder of the Players Coalition, which is made up of NFL players hoping to improve the U.S. criminal justice system and led about 40 NFL players in negotiations with the league about protests during the national anthem.The negotiations led to an $89 million dedication by the NFL to address criminal justice reform, improving law enforcement and community relations, and education, ESPN reported.Copyright 漏 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved..

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