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Match analysis, prediction for Oakleigh Cannons vs Melbourne Knights, at 17:30 on May 26.
Match analysis, prediction for Oakleigh Cannons vs Melbourne Knights, at 17:30 on May 26 - Victorian National Premier Leagues Championship, Australia. Predictions, analysis of the Asian handicap and overall odds for the match between Oakleigh Cannons and Melbourne Knights by top experts.
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In May, Oakleigh Cannons has made a strong impression in the Victorian NPL by winning all 3 matches played. Looking at the bigger picture, the team has been in excellent form, with 13 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses in 17 matches across all competitions this season at the Jack Edwards Reserve.
In the Victorian NPL specifically, Oakleigh Cannons have recorded 10 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses, placing them 3rd in the standings. This position puts them in contention for the playoffs in the second stage of the season.
In today's match, Oakleigh Cannons are confident of securing a victory as they play at home and are in good form. However, it should be noted that they could still drop points against the formidable Melbourne Knights.
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In terms of form, Melbourne Knights have also prepared well and, arguably, even more impressively than Oakleigh Cannons. The away team has won 9 matches and only shared points once in their last 10 matches across all competitions. In the Victorian NPL, Melbourne Knights sit just behind Oakleigh Cannons with a 2-point deficit, having recorded 9 wins, 3 draws, and 2 losses.
Asian handicap analysis: 0:1
  • Oakleigh Cannons lost the handicap in their previous encounter with Melbourne Knights this season. It is worth mentioning that Oakleigh Cannons have had 2 matches without winning the handicap in all competitions. On the other hand, Melbourne Knights have been reliable, winning the handicap in their last 5 matches. Choose Melbourne Knights.
Over/under analysis: 3 1/4
  • 3 out of the last 5 recent matches between Melbourne Knights and Oakleigh Cannons ended with under 3 1/4 goals. Similarly, Oakleigh Cannons' last 3 matches have also ended with under 3 1/4 goals. Furthermore, in Melbourne Knights' last 9 away matches, there have been no more than 3 goals per game. Choose Under.
Score prediction: Oakleigh Cannons 1-1 Melbourne Knights
Asian handicap: Choose Melbourne Knights to win the handicap
Over/under: Choose Under
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