I was currently training at green dragons yesterday

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I was currently training at green dragons yesterday

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I am becoming a OSRS gold part SOMETIME... ideally... so I want a good outfit. Having a budget of below 2m gp. Combat stats would be: Strike: 63. Power: 65. Ranged: 55? Hitpoints: 64. I had been thinking: Helm: Nezzy Rune Total Helm. Amulet: Glory. Body: Torso Rune Plate. Legs: Dragon Platelegs. Ring: Ring of Life. Gloves: Rune Gauntlets from FOG. Weapon: Dragon Scim Dragon Long Rune Scim.

I do not want to have in a conversation about Dragon skirts being anything or cheaper. . Additionally, the items I start with will be like that: New thing I will acquire Old thing I understand that the nezzy requires a quest.

Hello all! I've been toying with the idea to take a shot at the pursuit"Lunar Diplomacy". After realizing this gives the opportunity of great Runecrafting xp (crafting astrals) I decided I wish to take action. I have the majority of the skill requirements: 5 herblore (have 9). 55 Woodcuting (have 55). 49 Firemaking (have 49). 60 Mining (have 58). As you could probably tell, the lowest three skill need improvement. For magic I've been teleporting to Camelot. . I've been crafting bow series for crafting and I am thinking about power-mining either iron or coal. My question is: Is this the quickest way to get these levels? Also, can a level 78 do that exploration? Thank you!

I was currently training at green dragons yesterday and I died to some berserker ghost type thing. Fortunately my buddy was there to maintain my tomb living so that I could get to all my things cept my FIGHTER TORSO THAT I WORKED 12 HOURS STRAIT FOR AND I LOST IT THE DAY I GOT IT!

So anyway, I had been making decent gain at the time because I was buying and selling my glory ammy every 4 trips because I did not do the Hero's quest however, and I was buying the lobbies, therefore every three to four trips I was making 100k profit which isn't all that bad right? So now my question is that is there a better way to train this get money? How can buy RuneScape gold I prevent myself from dying from a ghost? My combat level is 86, and my stats are in my sig. PS: From now on when I train there, I will use this set.

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