RuneScape - Completion of Lunar Diplomacy quest

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RuneScape - Completion of Lunar Diplomacy quest

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Completion of Lunar Diplomacy quest, Castle Wars Balloon unlocks higher amount of OSRS gold battlestaves supply after completing Varrock Diaries or through 66 Magic. Creating Battlestaves is an extremely popular way to earn some gold. On top of profit you will also receive experience at two levels - crafting and Magic. This method of creating gold requires a lot preparation however in the end, it's beneficial than creating traditional Air Staves.

At first, include the most valuable items to your arsenal - Graceful Outfit, Fire Staff, Ring of Duelling and the Anti-Dragon Shield. If that's not enough, it is also necessary to get cosmic runes, logs, and best possible antidote that you can afford. The remainder of your inventory should be filled with non-powered orbs. If you're less than 70 Agility you will not be able to use the shortcut, so ensure you take with you a dust Key.

Start in the Castle Wars and take the balloon to Taverley. After arriving at the location, move on to and towards the Fire Obelisk. It'll require more than 70 Agility (80+ recommended). Charge all the orbs you've collected and then teleport back your Castle Wars to repeat the procedure.

After you've finished your charging session, make Battlestaves from the orbs and employ High Alchemy to turn them into gold. With a lower Agility than 70, this process is extremely intense, you might have to do additional work like fletching or alching. It can be completed in the time between runs, while in the process of regenerating your endurance.

Through the use of Pickaxe you can extract dense essence, and using the chisel, you'll be able to adore the stones. With the stones that you have prepared, you are able to go up to the Blood Altar to charge Runes. If you're able to be able to meet the requirements and improve your runs you should make up 212 Blood Runes on one visit at the altar. Each of them can be later sold to Ali Morrisane for 200gp. In theory, you could generate over 300k gold an hour while buy fire cape osrs also earning an average of 40k experience.

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